Celestial Italian Dome

c. 2000




About Us

The Institute for Stained Glass in Canada is a not-for-profit educational society  registered under the Societies Act of  British Columbia.  

We are a small group of photographers and researchers based in Vancouver, with collaborators in the provinces of Québec, New Brunswick,  Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba,  Saskatchewan,  Alberta and British Columbia, and in the Yukon.  Our Board includes several well-known British Columbians.  The Institute has no commercial interest, and depends for its ongoing development on support from heritage agencies, foundations and private sponsors. Please consider supporting our work on behalf of your province or community.

Mission Statement

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We began to photograph stained glass in Canada in 2001 and have discovered an unexpectedly diverse "distributed collection" in a wide range of secular and sacred public buildings. We estimate fine public windows in Canada to number well over 100,000  (with many more in private homes). There is as yet no comprehensive book describing Canada‚Äôs massive and significant stained glass inventory.

We plan an increasingly interactive user-oriented  web site, culminating in an authentically national presence. 

We hope our presence on the world wide web will lead to articles and books about this oddly neglected aspect of  Canadian culture.

You and your organization are invited  to  join in our work of  documenting the Canadian dimension of this ancient medium. 

Patrick Burns, Founder




All photos ©  2012 Patrick Burns and ISGC unless otherwise indicated.