missionary and dog sled in ice

Missionary with Dog Sled in the Yukon (detail)

Yukon Window
Canadian Memorial Chapel

Vancouver, BC

Robert McCausland, Toronto, 1926




 Canada: West to East                         


As of April 2014 there are some 5500 photos on our site, mainly  from  the Western provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.  Annotations are in place for Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and for the 107 Glimpses of Canada exhibition.

We are currently editing some 2000 new photos and hope to document as many as 100  additional buildings in 2014-15. Following upon the steady progression of the Western Canada portion of the archive, we invite cities and provinces in the East to join our efforts to document this fascinating aspect of Canadian history and art.

107 Glimpses of Canada: a coast-to-coast  survey  (annotated)

British Columbia 1476 photos (most awaiting annotation support)

Alberta  (in progress 2012-15)

Saskatchewan  1806 photos (annotated)

Manitoba   1174 photos (annotated)



Prince Edward Island

New Brunswick

Nova Scotia 


The North