Bongs have been around for several years, but only recently have they gained popularity. Bongs for Sale Canada has the best quality bongs which offer premium filtration system.

A bong is a filtration device simply used for filtering substances through water, after which the accumulated smoke is redirected to the mouthpiece and inhaled. Bongs are generally used to smoke herbs, or more often, tobacco. The heated herbs are filtered out through the water after suction draws them towards the water, where the smoke is filtered and then sent towards the mouth. There’s a seal right above the chamber in which the smoke remains intact until it is released. The smoke, after passing through water becomes slightly cooler.

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A bong consists of 5 essential components; 

A base which has water filled with it. It is the filtering unit which mellows out the smoke.

A bowl, it is the round end of the Bong where the herbs are placed. The roundness ensures that it absorbs a high amount of heat. There’s the downstream, which is a small tube carrying the smoke upwards and the carburetor which is a seal, which the user needs to pull in order to release the smoke.

Then, there’s the tube where all the smoke flows into the mouthpiece.

A bong has a similar effect as a hookah. It is a popular belief, among both; doctors and smokers that water in a bong filters out toxic components of tobacco. This, however, has been proved wrong quite recently as a study showed water pipers had severe damage as bad as those of cigarette smokers did.

The most essential function of a Bong is to cool the smoke, but it does not remove any harmful particles, as several people claim. The cool smoke doesn’t burn your throat or your lungs.

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