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Mother of Fair Love: Mary as Cosmic Symbol

Andre Rault, Rennes, France


Two French windows made in 1963 were moved to Holy Spirit from the Ursuline Convent in Bruno, Saskatchewan when the school closed in 1999. This is perhaps the finest, and certainly the most feminine, of the original suite of eight windows. They are among the most original Rault windows in Canada.

The theme honours Mary in a composition centering on a great white lily, a symbol of Purity no doubt familiar to the nuns, floating in a cosmos of radiant sun, crescent moon and stars. The blue-jewelled crown above the lily honours the Virgin as Queen of Heaven.

The window is an excellent example of Rault's technique of blending dalle de verre with elements of thinner conventional glass, a practice unique to the Rault studio.

All eight windows were suitably repurposed, to Vanier Collegiate in Moose Jaw, Villa Angela and the Museum in Humboldt, and this church.


Mother of Fair Love: Mary as Cosmic Symbol