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St. Augustine of Canterbury Church

Architects: W.H. Shillinglaw, Brandon; and J. Cusson, St. Boniface


Prominent Brandon architect W.H. Shillinglaw drafted the original architectural drawings for St. Augustine's church and monastery. Shillinglaw's plans were changed by St. Boniface architect J. Cusson, who developed the design of the front elevation of the church.

The building was described as, "13th Century Gothic with the historic memories of departed centuries. The building is of a handsome brick, has exquisite proportion and will be surmounted by a steeple 40 metres in height. The main body of the church is 15.8 m by 25.9 m, inside measurements and will seat nearly 400 people. The walls meet in a graceful arch 15.8 metres overhead, and in a gallery directly over the entrance will be the choir."


St. Augustine of Canterbury Church