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"Voices of Fairyland", Graphic print

Baron Cuno von Bodenhausen (1852-1931)

c. 1882

"Carl von Bodenhausen, a well-known German artist, is admirably represented by his "Voices of Fairyland," a picture which attracted much attention in the exhibitions of his native country some years ago. It is a time-honored German story which it illustrates; telling how a maiden whose home was embittered by harsh parents and sisters, a sort of Cinderella, as it might be, fell asleep beside a haunted stream, and was awakened by the voices of the pitying fairies, who presaged for her a grand future, which in due course came to pass, for she was wooed and won by a handsome prince in disguise, and became a queen and the ruler over the wicked people whose cruelty had once oppressed her."
-New York Times, Feb. 26, 1892

Stained glass makers of the Victorian era sometimes borrowed designs of popular images, often at the request of their clients.

Another example of such appropriation is based on a thrilling painting by the American Frederic Remington. Also made for a private home, that window can be viewed in the Winnipeg section of our site, at The Manitoba Museum. PB


"Voices of Fairyland", Graphic  print