Canadian Memorial Church Historical Panels, 1497 to 1928

An Italian navigator discovers Canada in the 15th century! The latest in American war technology is tested in Saskatchewan in 1885! Maybe you don't know Canadian history as well as you thought. ________________________________ More than four centuries of this country's milestones were masterfully illustrated in 30 panels by the venerable Robert McCausland Studio of Toronto, in 1928. ________________________________ Canadian Memorial Chapel--its original name--was brought into being as a National memorial to the tens of thousands of Canadians who died in World War One. The chapel and its stunning windows were created through the amazing efforts of one man. Padre George O. Fallis went on a nation-wide fundraising tour, and nearly single-handedly brought the building into existence. Padre Fallis had witnessed the horrific slaughter of his countrymen in the inferno of the Belgium trenches in 1917 and 1918, and conceived the Memorial in that hellish place. [BC pages are still under construction.]

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