Themes Ancient & Modern


10 themed sections,   largely from Saskatchewan and other Western provinces,  display as automatic slide shows and are not annotated at this time.   350 images continue through all the sections as a show of about 15 minutes.

Artists and studios shown (final section):

The Rault Brothers, Andre and Paul,  in their large studio in Rennes, France circa 1950;  David Johnson, near Regina  SK;  Father Herve Vallee,  Prince Albert SK;  Guido Nincheri's preserved studio of the 1940s, Montreal; Robert McCausland in his Toronto studio  c. 1925, and his fourth generation successor Andrew McCausland, 2005;  and individual portraits of Yves Trudeau, Vancouver; Ed Schaeffer (with van), Victoria BC;  Susan Point, Vancouver;  Lutz Haufschild, Vancouver (all active).

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Annotated versions of many buildings and windows can be found in the various provincial locations, and in 100 Glimpses of Canada.

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